Safety Questions to Ask Your Auto Glass Repair Shop


Do you use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass?

Yes. We don't cut corners on cheap glass to save on costs. Many companies use glass that meets only the minimum safety standards.

Is your shop certified with AGRSS? (Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards)

Many companies use inexperienced low-cost labor for their installations to increase profit margin per job. Auto glass installation is a serious business. Precision Glass takes your safety very seriously and we make it our #1 priority. Our auto glass technicians are professionals, certified, and experienced.

When can I safely drive my car after the replacement?

Under the ideal conditions (when high quality adhesives and primers are used at the acceptable temperature and humidity) the safe drive away time can be as short as one hour. But with cheaper, lower quality adhesives cure time can be two weeks or longer. Rest assured...Precision Glass only installs windshields using the highest quality materials.

Do you provide a lifetime warranty?

Precision Glass provides a written lifetime warranty on the windshield installation for as long as you own your car.

Auto Glass Safety Council Member